About Scott

Scott Stringer is the New York City Comptroller, an office he was elected to in 2013.  As the city’s chief financial officer, it’s his job to hold city government accountable and Scott has—on issues, large and small, that really matter to the lives of New Yorkers.

He’s focused on NYC’s affordable housing crisis by identifying over 1,000 vacant, city-owned lots that could be used to boost the City’s affordable housing stock by more than 50,000 units.  And he’s aggressively audited the New York City Housing Authority to force repairs and improve the quality of our public housing.

Scott helped lead the fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 in New York, unveiled an innovative proposal to help all New Yorkers save for retirement, and he’s helped small businesses identify bureaucratic barriers so they can create more jobs.  He’s also shined a spotlight on the glaring need to expand opportunities for minority- and women-owned businesses in New York City.  His investigations have exposed the deplorable conditions in which homeless children live, and he’s helped add tens of millions of dollars for arts and phys ed teachers in our public schools to address troubling disparities and ensure a well-rounded education for all our children.

And as manager of the city’s $170 billion pension funds, Scott has worked to open up corporate boardrooms, demand greater diversity, and force action on important social issues like climate change.  In his own office, Scott has implemented tough ethics rules, significant compliance changes, and major risk management reforms to make the system more accountable to taxpayers and retirees. 

Before his election as Comptroller, Scott served as Manhattan Borough President and as a member of the State Assembly, where he emerged as one of the legislature’s most important voices for reform.  Throughout his career, Scott has been a champion for tenants and a leading progressive voice on issues ranging from LGBTQ rights to health care to protecting a woman’s right to choose.  The New York Times has described him as a leader “committed to the principles of good government” who is “politically astute and ethically impeccable.”

Scott was born and raised in Washington Heights and is a lifelong New Yorker.  He lives in Manhattan with his wife, Elyse, and their two young sons.