Ease off on small-business regulation during the holidays, Stringer says

Streamlined permits, grace periods on fines, and high-tech promotional campaigns—all these and more could be on the table this holiday season to help small businesses get through the Covid-19 winter.

City Comptroller Scott Stringer said he would unveil a plan Thursday to help New York’s small businesses survive through the impact of the pandemic this month and next.

Stringer is looking to use city resources to arm small businesses with digital tools to increase their online presence, add outdoor markets and holiday festivals across the city, improve access to business corridors, ease regulations and fines, and end prohibitive fees on awnings.

“We need to get creative about how we support and promote our small businesses this holiday season,” he said. “That means cutting red tape, helping businesses develop a digital footprint, and pedestrianizing our neighborhoods and public spaces so New Yorkers are encouraged to walk, shop and eat local. There is no economic recovery for New York City without our small businesses.”

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