In NY1 Interview, Stringer Lays Out Plan for Issues Facing City Post-Pandemic

After seven years as Comptroller, Scott Stringer is ready for a new job: mayor of New York City. He’s the latest, and perhaps highest profile, candidate to join the field.

With support from some of the city’s most progressive politicians, Stringer has been pushing his agenda, one that embraces the left, but is decidedly anti-Bill De Blasio.

“It’s always a frantic scramble when it comes to this administration,” he told NY1’s Errol Lewis. “Whether it’s homeless hotels that meet the health needs of the population, whether it’s opening schools in a way that gives parents clear direction, time after time the mismanagement of the De Blasio administration, going back to almost the first year in office, continues to make New Yorkers struggle unnecessarily.”

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