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Laundry, Distribution & Food Service Union endorses Comptroller Stringer for Mayor

New York, NY – Laundry, Distribution, and Food Service Joint Board, Workers United, SEIU today endorsed City Comptroller Scott Stringer for Mayor of New York City. The Laundry Workers union, which represents about 8,500 public- and private-sector workers in the tri-state area, hailed Stringer’s proven record of fighting for working people and immigrant communities, fair wages, and better working conditions as well as his dedication to improving quality of life for working-class New Yorkers.

Megan Chambers, Co-Manager, Laundry, Distribution, and Food Service Joint Board, said: “Our union members are committed to lifting up working people across New York City, and Scott Stringer has been a consistent champion for working people his entire career in public service. Scott is tried and true — from the State Assembly to the Manhattan Borough President’s office to the Comptroller’s office, he fought to deliver change, and he will be ready on day one as mayor with the bold vision and detailed plans to bring our city and our economy back stronger and fairer than ever.”

Albert Arroyo, Co-Manager, Laundry, Distribution, and Food Service Joint Board, said: “Our members are essential workers — we were essential before the pandemic, we have been essential through the pandemic, and we will be essential after the pandemic. And we know that the best way for the next mayor to honor essential workers is to bring back our economy and the jobs we lost while building a more equitable city that puts working people first. Scott Stringer will be that mayor, and we are proud to stand with him in this campaign and in this mission to deliver a stronger, fairer New York.”

Comptroller Scott Stringer said: “Laundry, distribution, and food service workers have put themselves and their families at risk to keep our city going this year, and the next mayor must value and honor their sacrifice. These workers wash the linen in the hospitals like the one my mother went to when she had COVID-19, they provide critical items to our local bodegas, and they have been essential throughout this pandemic. We owe them all of our gratitude, but we also owe them real policy change to make their lives better and our city fairer. As mayor, I’ll be ready on day one to lead the greatest city on earth out of its greatest crisis and deliver a fair and just economic recovery with hard-working New Yorkers at the center.”

The Laundry Distribution and Food Service union’s endorsement follows support for the Stringer campaign from prominent labor unions representing hard-working New Yorkers across the five boroughs, including:

Scott Stringer grew up in Washington Heights in the 1970s. He attended P.S. 152 on Nagle Avenue and I.S. 52 on Academy Street. He graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in Marble Hill and John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, a CUNY school.

Stringer was elected City Comptroller in 2013. Prior to serving as Comptroller, he was Manhattan Borough President from 2006 to 2013 and represented the Upper West Side in the New York State Assembly from 1992 to 2005. He and his wife, Elyse Buxbaum, live in Manhattan with their two children, Max and Miles.