NYC Comptroller demands de Blasio cough up city housing’s updated emergency readiness plan

The city’s fiscal watchdog is demanding Mayor de Blasio detail what steps the New York City Housing Authority has taken to ensure it’s prepared for environmental calamities like Superstorm Sandy, which left NYCHA buildings inundated with water, the Daily News has learned.

“It’s not a question of whether New York will be hit by another superstorm like Sandy, but when,” Comptroller Scott Stringer told The News. “It’s past time for the City to reassure New Yorkers that we are better prepared than we were six years ago. Lives are at stake, homes and businesses are on the line, and futures hang in the balance,” Stringer explained. “We need to act with the urgency that our climate crisis demands because time is not on our side.”


In a Sept. 6 letter addressed to de Blasio, Stringer requests City Hall provide him with an detailed outline of what NYCHA has done in several areas, including: helping disabled tenants stuck in their homes during emergencies, developing resiliency measures to defend against flooding and implementing emergency management plans at each of NYCHA’s 326 housing complexes.