NYC Comptroller Stringer demands City Hall shows transparency with lucrative COVID contracts

New York City’s fiscal watchdog is demanding Mayor de Blasio roll back an order that loosens city contract requirements — an emergency measure City Hall took during the height of the pandemic when it was scrambling to buy ventilators and protective gear.

Since de Blasio issued the executive order in March, the city has failed to comply with its terms while demand for emergency contracts related to COVID-19 has dropped significantly, according to City Comptroller Scott Stringer, who sent the administration a letter requesting the change Tuesday morning.

“As we emerge from the darkest days of the pandemic and build our city back, it’s time to restore full oversight and accountability to city contracting,” Stringer said in a written statement. “With billions of dollars at stake amid an economic crisis that has hit vulnerable New Yorkers the hardest, every penny counts.”

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