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On first day of early voting, over 300 women leaders release open letter urging New Yorkers to join them in ranking Stringer as first choice for mayor

Open letter: “There is no one in this race more qualified and more ready to lead this city than Scott. And the stakes couldn’t be higher. This is a critical moment for our city. New Yorkers deserve a progressive with a record of experience. New Yorkers deserve Scott Stringer as our Mayor.”


New York, NY – On the first day of early voting, over 300 women leaders, including elected officials and advocates today released an open letter urging New Yorkers to join them in ranking Scott Stringer as their first choice for mayor in the upcoming Democratic primary. 

The broad coalition of women supporters praised Stringer’s 30-year track record of fighting for everyday New Yorkers and women’s rights, his bold plans to make New York City more affordable and livable for working families, and his preparedness to lead the city’s greatest comeback, proclaiming, “no one in this race is more qualified and more ready to lead this city than Scott.”

Read the full letter here and below.

To our fellow New Yorkers,

On the debate stage last week, Scott made the case for his candidacy like this: “The other progressives on this stage aren’t experienced. And the other candidates with experience on this stage aren’t progressive. I’m the only one running for Mayor who’s both.”

At a time of unprecedented challenge, that’s what New York City needs—a leader with a record we can rely on to usher this city into a more fair, more livable, more affordable era. Scott has a 30-year track record of pushing the city forward. And throughout his life, Scott Stringer has been a champion for women and families—in the economy, in the workplace, in the home and in civic life. He is the person we trust to bring that experience into City Hall and deliver real change for New York City.

From his start in public service advocating for tenants, through his time as state Assemblyman, Manhattan Borough President and New York City Comptroller, Scott has consistently been ahead of his time and ahead of the curve. Under his leadership, New York City’s pension fund became the first in the nation to fully divest from private prison companies and committed to divesting billions from fossil fuels. He was the first New York City official to oppose fracking, and the top city official to speak out against stop-and-frisk and to call for the closure of Rikers Island. He created national initiatives to make corporate boardrooms more diverse and successfully pressured top U.S. companies to disclose their workforce demographics by race, gender and ethnicity. He has been a responsible steward of the city’s pension funds and protected the retirement security of thousands of working families. 

Scott has bold, forward-looking plans rooted in some 200 detailed policy reports across the years that are fully researched and developed in consultation with impacted communities. Scott doesn’t just have the best climate plan in the race—his would be the most ambitious climate plan ever seen in an American city. Scott’s plan for Universal Affordable Housing would finally create the low-income, permanently affordable housing we need to end our city’s housing crisis—with no wasteful tax breaks to real estate. His NYC Under 3 plan would provide high-quality child care for thousands of families and working mothers––and give our youngest children the head start they need to thrive. He will take action to keep all New Yorkers truly safe by confronting structural racism embedded in our criminal legal system and acting decisively to stem upticks in violence. And his plan for two teachers in every classroom and massively investing in our schools will get our kids’ education back on track after the learning loss and social-emotional trauma of the pandemic.  

Scott is also the only candidate who has run a large, city-wide elected office. No one has spent more time checking under the hood of city agencies or learning how to move the bureaucracy—a critical knowledge base as the city copes with the complexities of COVID. Many of us have worked for or with Scott Stringer at points during his 30 years in public service. As a boss and manager, he has hired, promoted, and centered women in every workplace he has led. Beyond the politician and the policies, as a human and a friend, he has always shown integrity and compassion, in public and in private.

Born and raised in Washington Heights, Scott is a product of New York City’s public schools. Scott’s mom was a city teacher and the first woman elected to the City Council for Washington Heights, and like so many New Yorkers, he grew up in a multiracial blended family. Today, Scott and the love of his life, Elyse, are raising their two young children in the city that has given him so much. 

There is no one in this race more qualified and more ready to lead this city than Scott. And the stakes couldn’t be higher. This is a critical moment for our city. New Yorkers deserve a progressive with a record of experience. New Yorkers deserve Scott Stringer as our Mayor.

Join us in ranking Scott #1 so he can walk into City Hall on Day One and do what he does best – deliver meaningful change for New Yorkers. 


Adena Rosenthal
Alice Li
Allie Easton
Allison Walsh
Amy Breedlove
Amy Spaulding
Amy Xiong 
Ana E. Ortiz
Anne Strickland Squadron
Annette Robinson
Anya Hoerburger
Arlene Geiger
Arlene Kossoff
Arlene Spiegel
Barbara Abrash
Barbara Lidsky
Barbara Paxton
Barbara Pinto
Barbara Minch
Beiyi Liu
Bernice Belth
Beth Lefkowitz
Betsy Ottle
Bettie Descartes
Beverly Jordan
Bibi Zoriena Sankar
Bin Liang
Bing Guan
Byung Soon Han
Candace Clark
Candy Vasquez
Carmen Suero
Carmen Vasquez
Carol Ann Rinzler
Carol Nadell Van Deusen
Carol Rogers
Carol S. Kostik
Carole Mulligan
Caroline Knapp
Carolyn Middleton
Carra Wallace
Catherine Skopic
Chana Zomberg
Chelsea Guerrido
Cheryl Pahaham
Christine Berthet
Christine Koo
Chrystie Sherman
Chunski Kim
Cindy Zhu
Claire Ullman
Clara Chung 
Conghui Fan
Connie Godfarb
Cory Erin Haber
Cynthia Carrion
Daisy Paez
Daniele Gerard
Deanna Rivas
Deborah Sale
Dehui Cai
Denice Paulino
Diana Mosquera
Diane Ronan
Diane Schreibman
Dina Simon
Dolores Marsh
Dong Lin
Donicia Martinez
Doo Yi Park
Dori Dietz
Dorothy Siegel
Dr. Bridget Amatore
Dr. Linda Felix-Johnson
Earlette Simpson
Eileen Bransten
Ekaterina Tarsova
Elaine Kennedy
Elaine Schulman
Elana Roffman
Elena Fong
Elisa de la Roche
Elizabeth A. McGee
Elizabeth Krob Kellner
Elizabeth Rosario
Ella Caynes
Elyse Buxbaum
Emily Knapp
Emily Lo
Emma Gilmore
Erika Petersen
Ester Fuchs
Ester Morales
Eutha Prince
Evangelist Jasseth Cox
Eve Orlans Mayer
Evelene Wechsler
Fay Lawrence
Florence Sanchez
Floss Frucher
Francine Simpson
Fuqin Yin
Georgetta Gittens
Georgia Kim
Gina Bennett
Gina Lee
Giselli Balacer
Gloria Pitagorsky
Grace Astrove
Grace Hsu
Guiying Wang
Hannah Hess
Hannah Kim
Hazel Frances
Heather MacDonald
Helen Kim
Helenia Hernandez
Honey Rodman
Hsiang Fung Yeh
Huajun Han
Ida Vasquez
Ilana Goldman
Ilyse Edelstein 
Ingrid Sotelo
Irene Dess
Irene Kaufman
Iris Machado
Ismelda Cruz
Ivelisse Vargas
Jade Lee
Jane Arrendel
Janet Stern
Janice Oppenheimer
Jayliza Reyes
Jeilyn Hernandez
Jennifer Herring
Jennifer White
Jenny Han
Jessica Haller
Jessica Kim
Jianhua Du
Jingmin Zhang
Joan Dean
Joan Paylo
Joan Yazmir
Joanna Saccone
Jocelyn Balacer
Joeli Reyes
Joo Sung Ok
Joyce Miller
Joyce Saxon
Judith Goldiner
Judith Kasen Windsor
Judy Binus
Judy Landis
Julia Chen
Kathleen Benson
Kathy Gruber
Keilyn Castillo
Kena Dawkins
Kiana Blondel
Kisha Shaw
Kris Kohler
Kyoungsook Yan
LaKisha Thomas
Lashawn Henry
Leilani Straw
Lena Bell
Leona Frederick
Leslie Johnson
Lianne Wang
Linda Rosenthal
Ling Chung
Linlin Chen
Lisa Kim
Lisa Salvatore
Lisa Spiegel
Lissabeth Hernandez
Liz Ritter
Lois Rakoff
Lois Safian
Lorna Goodman
Lorraine Zamora
Louise Dankberg
Louise Ronan
Lu’Shawn Benbow-Thompson
Lucy Koteen
Lynn Max
Lynn Thomas
Lynn Wang
Madeline Fears
Madeline Innocent
Maralynn Mash
Margaret Cortese Elmquist
Maria Hernandez
Maria Ovando
Maria Rosario
Marian Harris
Marilyn Raymo
Marissa Redanty
Mary Lou Westerfield
Mary Wu
Meaghan Baron
Megan Malvern
Mei Fen Ying
Mei Qin Ying
Melinda Vidal
Melissa Elstein
Meng Gao
Merle McEldowney
Michelle Minguez
Michelle Park
Michelle Wang
Min Jeong Kim
Mindy Rosier-Rayburn
Mindy Wang
Minji Lee
Minna Elias
Miriam Karp
Miriam Sanchez
Monica Dula
Myra Colon
Nancy Ludmerer
Natalie Diaz Laguna
Nelly Rubinstein 
Nereida Martinez
Nicole Campbell
Osendy Garcia
Page Cowley
Pascale Hanna
Pat Moore
Pat Stryker
Patricia Burns
Patricia Park
Pauline Chu
Peggy Friedman
Qiuxia Wang
Randi Weingarten
Renee Cafaro
Renée Katz
Renee Lasher
Rev. Georgiette Morgan-Thomas
Roberta Semer
Robin Strashun
Ronda Small
Ronnie Dubrow Levin
Ronny Bassan
Rosa Feng
Rosa Medina
Rosalyn Balacer
Rose Pierre-Louis
Rose Saxon
Ruth Chasek
Ruth Dalven
Ruth Halberg
Ruth Lynes
Ruth Messinger
Sabrina Peynado
Sandra Wilkin
See Ja Byun
Seven Brown
Shanda Gonzalas
Shaniqua Saxon
Shari Gottheim
Sharon Silberfarb
Shauna Burke
Shelley Haber
Shira Gans
Soon Ja Lee
Stacey Richman
Stacey Shub
Stephanie Araujo
Stephanie Lasher
Stephanie Pinto
Sugar Barry
Sukee Chang
Susan Feldman
Susan Gwertzman
Susan Hannah
Susanna Wang
Suwon Yang
Suzanne Jacobson
Suzin Weinstein Rubin
Sylvia Di Pietro
Tameeka Rabsatt
Theresa Canter
Tien Yun Mei
Traci Oshiro
Tracie Holder
Tracy Chism
Trucle Nguyen
Twanna Stevens
Val Coleman
Valerie Horst
Vanessa Tineo
Venus Richardson
Veronica Clarke

Wendi Paster
Wendy Olivo
Wenling Li
Xin Yan
Xueling Wang
Ying Wang
Yinhua Wang
Youn Suk Park
Yulan Mittal
Yvette Hawthorne
Zhen Guo