Scott’s Plans

Children and Education

What Scott’s Done:

Scott’s Plans:

Scott Stringer has been a champion of public education in New York City throughout his entire career. He also knows the issues first-hand — as the father of two children in city elementary schools, the proud son of a late City school teacher, and the product of city schools and CUNY himself. For Scott, standing up for New York City’s children is part of his DNA, and across his 30-year career in public service, he has worked to ensure high-quality education in every borough and every neighborhood. As Mayor, Scott will advance a broad vision to raise educational outcomes at every level, confront inequities head-on, and invest in pathways to success for every child, from their cradle to their career.

Provide high-quality, affordable early childhood education for all infants and toddlers

Build a new paradigm for classroom instruction by putting two teachers in every elementary classroom, and expanding teacher mentorship and training

Integrate our schools and confront inequities across the system

Address the social-emotional needs of students with on-the-ground help

Prepare New Yorkers for the jobs of tomorrow