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Scott’s Plans

Scott Stringer has spent his career fighting for a more sustainable future, working in the trenches with climate activists, creating detailed blueprints on how to achieve a cleaner, greener city, and harnessing every lever of his office to advance the causes of climate action on the local, national and international stages. The climate crisis is here, and New Yorkers need a mayor with solutions to put into action right now. Scott is proposing the most bold, comprehensive, and actionable climate plan New York City has ever seen — to truly deliver a Green New Deal to New Yorkers.

Meet our climate commitments faster and end the era of fossil fuel infrastructure

Create tens of thousands of good-paying green jobs and grow the green economy

Deliver environmental justice to ensure that all New Yorkers benefit from a healthier future

Promote greener, energy-efficient buildings to tackle our biggest carbon source

Create active streets and green spaces to improve air quality and physical health

Enhance resiliency programs to protect New York against extreme heat, sea rise, and storms