Scott’s Plans

Healthcare and the Pandemic

What Scott’s Done

Scott’s Plans

The City has dropped the ball time and again in its response to COVID-19, with devastating consequences for New Yorkers. For as long as the pandemic continues, Scott Stringer will put science and public health first to stop the spread of the virus, get all New Yorkers vaccinated, and reopen our economy safely. And he’ll make the changes necessary to ensure that we are better prepared for the next crisis — and eradicate the health disparities that fueled COVID’s destructive path. Scott’s goal as mayor will be to make New York City the public health capital of the world, where the opportunity to live a healthy life is a right, shared equally by all New Yorkers, regardless of their background or ability to afford care.

Overhaul pandemic response and preparedness

Fortify our public health infrastructure and expand access to care

Create one standard of care for all New Yorkers

Refocus the city’s mental health and substance use care