Scott’s Plans

Public Safety and Justice

What Scott’s Done

Scott’s Plans

Scott Stringer will take action to keep all New Yorkers truly safe by confronting and ending structural racism embedded in our criminal legal system and acting decisively and creatively to stem recent upticks in violence. He has a multi-agency vision for public safety, including expanding alternative responses and services for issues of mental health, homelessness and substance use; increasing the City’s effectiveness in stopping serious crime; improving accountability and oversight of the NYPD; and reinvesting police dollars into communities. Under Scott’s leadership, the Comptroller’s Office has issued a detailed blueprint to transform our approach to public safety.

Strengthen and reinvest in communities

Stop the climb of shootings and violence in our communities and ensure safe streets

Establish meaningful oversight and accountability

Implement common-sense decriminalization measures and parole reform

Fix the management of the NYPD