Stringer: NYC must curb pollution from massive diesel-burning cruise ships

Towering cruise ships that dock in New York City’s waterways are a major source of air pollution — and city Comptroller Scott Stringer wants regulators to keep New Yorkers from breathing in the billows of diesel exhaust they spew.

Stringer on Friday sent a letter to the Economic Development Corporation, which regulates Manhattan and Brooklyn’s cruise terminals, demanding the agency come up with a plan to prevent ships from running their engines while sitting at docks.


Instead, Stringer said the EDC should build infrastructure that allows ships to be powered by the city’s electrical grid while they’re docked.

“The infrastructure we build today directly affects our climate goals for the future, and we need a plan to mitigate the excessive and easily reducible cruise ship pollution at both the Manhattan and Brooklyn terminals,” said Stringer. “For the sake of our city, our planet, and our neighborhoods, this has to change.”