Stringer Sues de Blasio in the Case of the Missing Pandemic Preparation Files

City Comptroller Scott Stringer took an unprecedented step Wednesday: He filed suit to make Mayor Bill de Blasio turn over documents key to an investigation of City Hall’s COVID-19 crisis response.

Stringer sued after the mayor failed to respond to his demands to release emails, correspondence and assorted records related to how city agencies handled its preparation for the pandemic.

Back in May, Stringer’s investigators requested the records, but immediately encountered resistance from the city’s Law Department, which repeatedly set — and then missed — deadlines for sharing documents.

The last straw came this week when Stringer’s team was told they could expect to see the bulk of the material in April — just short of a year after his initial request.

“The city has stalled, delayed and stymied our work,” Stringer said during a news conference in City Hall Park. “I get what they’re doing. That’s why we’re in court. They’re slow-walking this. They don’t want us to do our due diligence. I really don’t know what they’re hiding, but I’ve had enough.”

“With every delay, with every obstruction and with every attempt to evade oversight, the city is denying New Yorkers the open and honest government they deserve,” Stringer added.

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