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THE DETAILS TO DELIVER: Stringer, supporters stand at city’s first mid-block playgrounds to unveil plan to build 200 new playgrounds citywide

Stringer’s playgrounds plan would ensure every New Yorker lives within walking distance of a park or playground, address gaping disparities in access to green and open space, increase and upgrade bathrooms and changing stations, baseline parks funding at 1% of the City budget

Following his “Summer in the City” agenda, Stringer emphasizes focus on improving the City’s infrastructure for kids, parents, families, and closing disparities laid bare by COVID-19

Stringer: “We need to double down on our parks and playgrounds, and we need to do it now. With this plan, I’ll build 200 new playgrounds and make sure every kid has a neighborhood playground, just like I did.”

New York, NY – As New Yorkers have come to rely on green and open spaces to an unprecedented degree during the COVID-19 pandemic, Comptroller and mayoral candidate Scott Stringer today unveiled a kid- and family-focused plan to make New York a more liveable city by expanding and improving the open spaces that have served as a lifeline with a neighborhood playground for every child in the city and “playground equity” across the city’s neighborhoods.

Stringer’s plan would give every child a safe and green place to play by building 200 new playgrounds, beginning with doubling down on the City’s “Schoolyards to Playgrounds” program and introducing the “Pavement to Playground” initiative to bring mid-block play spaces to every neighborhood. The plan centers equity for New Yorkers who lack access to open and green space, guaranteeing that every New Yorker will live within walking distance of a park and ensuring a bathroom and changing station in every park, all by 2029.

Comptroller Scott Stringer said: “Parks and playgrounds have been lifelines for New Yorkers in a way we’ve never seen — and I have been so grateful as a father that my boys had a place nearby to get fresh air and run around after being stuck inside for so much of the last year. But the City simply hasn’t done enough to ensure that those resources are maintained at the highest standard and made available in every single neighborhood. Green spaces and open spaces are absolutely critical for fun and relaxation, but they’re even more than that — and our commitment to these spaces reflects our commitment to taking on climate change, reclaiming our street space for communities, ensuring City services are provided equitably for all, and creating a city where families can thrive. With this plan, my commitment is clear: I’ll build 200 new playgrounds and make sure every kid has a neighborhood playground, just like I did.”

Stringer’s plan, “A Future of Play,” is the next part of his mayoral agenda entitled “The Details to Deliver” — highlighting the need for specific, actionable plans to set New York City on a fundamentally new trajectory from the past decade and take the city forward from the COVID-19 pandemic, stronger and fairer than ever before.

Congressmember Jerry Nadler said: “Our parks and green spaces are so fundamental to what makes this city a great place to live and start a family. As a father and a lifelong advocate for New York families, Scott Stringer understands that better than any candidate in this race, and he’s got a plan to double down on some of our city’s greatest assets. New York City’s COVID recovery starts with public health, but it also has to include investing in quality of life — and that means making sure that every New Yorker in every neighborhood has access to critical resources like playgrounds and open space. Without question, Scott Stringer is the person with the experience, the skills, and the plans to lead this recovery.”

Sen. Alessandra Biaggi said: “New Yorkers are relying on our parks and playgrounds now in a way we never have before — there’s no substitute for fresh air when we’ve spent so much of the last year at home. But these critical resources aren’t available to everyone in the city, and that’s not good for our health, it’s not good for our climate, and it’s not good for New Yorkers. It’s clear from this plan and so many others: Scott Stringer will be the mayor who delivers on his commitments to protect our environment, support public and mental health, and make New York City the fairest city in the world.”

Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou said: “Access to green space and playgrounds is crucial to the wellbeing of every child and family in New York City. It is unacceptable that some families do not have the same access to open space and safe playgrounds. Scott’s “Summer in the City” agenda ensures that every New Yorker will live within walking distance from a park, and ensures that there will be a bathroom and changing station within each of these parks. This plan is precisely the one we need to make New York City a more livable, accessible, and healthier place to live for all.”

Assemblymember Diana Richardson said: “There is no reason my kids should have to walk farther to find a playground than other kids in this city. There’s no reason my neighborhood should have hotter summers than other neighborhoods. And there’s no reason my community should have to suffer higher rates of asthma and obesity than other communities. Scott has stood with us and spent time in our communities, so he knows we need playgrounds and green space for kids, our families, and our environment. And he will be ready on day one with this robust plan to deliver for all of us and bring justice to New York City.”

The plan comes on the heels of Stringer’s three-part “Summer in the City” agenda to help our city’s kids and families recover from the pandemic with a safe, fun, and productive summer. It also builds on his proposals to make New York City the greatest city to raise a family, with plans to provide affordable child care for all working families, build deeply affordable housing in every neighborhood, provide the highest quality education in our public schools, ensure all students have access to afterschool and summer jobs, and deliver a comprehensive Green New Deal to fight climate change.

With this plan, Stringer will ensure the city’s open and green spaces can be the lifeline New Yorkers deserve while tackling “playground equity” for those who lack equal access to these resources. The plan has 11 core components:

To read the full Stringer playgrounds plan, click here.

Scott Stringer was born and raised in Washington Heights. He attended P.S. 152 on Nagle Avenue and I.S. 52 on Academy Street. He graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in Marble Hill and John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, a CUNY school.

Stringer was elected City Comptroller in 2013. Prior to serving as Comptroller, he was Manhattan Borough President from 2006 to 2013 and represented the Upper West Side in the New York State Assembly from 1992 to 2005. He and his wife, Elyse Buxbaum, live in Manhattan with their two children, Max and Miles.