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Transcript: Stringer tells hedge fund billionaires they can’t buy City Hall

Stringer: “I say to New Yorkers: send this public school parent to City Hall because I have skin in the game. We need someone who can walk in on day one and fix our school system.”

New York, NY – At a press conference today in front of Ken Griffin and Dan Loeb’s million dollar homes, Comptroller and mayoral candidate Scott Stringer rallied with union members and supporters to denounce efforts from two hedge funders to buy the mayoral election and privatize public education by funding Super PACs for his two leading opponents:

“I am so excited to be at 220 Central Park South, the home of Ken Griffin and his $200 million apartment. Ken spent a few bucks on this place, but it turns out he had a few bucks left.

“Just up the block is Ken’s friend and fellow hedge fund billionaire Dan Loeb. Dan also has a fancy apartment and a few dollars in the bank.

“And together, Dan and Ken have set their sights on their next purchase: City Hall.

“Here is what they’re scheming to do:

“These 2 hedge fund billionaires have given a total of $2 million to 2 charter school candidates for mayor. They are funding Eric Adams and Andrew Yang’s campaigns because they are determined to buy City Hall.

“And they know I can’t be bought.

“That’s why they’re waging a campaign solely intended to stop me and my progressive vision for our city. They know, as enemies of public education, that I’m their biggest enemy.

“Billionaire number 1 — Ken Griffin — owns the most expensive apartment in New York City in a building that is the poster child for abuse of the 421a program, which I have said we should end. Ken gave over $60 million to Republicans in last year’s election.

“Think about this: $60 million to Trump Republicans in the last election. Ken who has the most expensive apartment in New York City. Ken who thinks the wealthy don’t have enough influence in politics.

“And when Chicago closed 50 schools, he said they should’ve closed 125. You see they just didn’t close enough public schools for Ken. Ken wanted them to close 125 schools, not just 50.

“But he has company. Billionaire number 2 — Dan Loeb — has the same backwards mission.

“Dan wants to gut teacher pensions, undermine our public schools, and privatize our public school system that serves 1.1 million young New Yorkers.

“But wait — there’s more:

“Anti-union mega-donor Jeff Yass has funded pro-Trump conspiracy groups and now Andrew Yang.

“And bigwig Republican donors Stanley Druckenmiller and Paul Tudor Jones have funded Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie and now they have a new friend in Eric Adams.

“These are not the people I want to determine the future of my children – or yours.

“I’m in this race to make sure that men like this don’t make policy in this city, to fight for the children of this city and their future, and to bring progressive leadership.

“We can’t turn the pages on progressive views of education.

“We can’t let anyone — whether they’re a Republican, a former Republican, or a corporate Democrat — undermine public education.

“I say to New Yorkers: send this public school parent to City Hall because I have skin in the game. We need someone who can walk in on day one and fix our school system.

“I’m going to deliver the education all of our children deserve. I will put two teachers in every K-5 classroom — something the private schools that Dan and Ken love so much already do. We’re going to do this for public education. 

“I’m going to protect city government from greedy men who think their hedge fund fortunes let them make the rules.

“And I will be ready on day one to stand up for our children and deliver on a bold progressive vision for New York.

“New Yorkers see this election for what it is: a choice between wealthy Wall Streeters with their empty vessel candidates and a dad of two boys in public school who understands that COVID was not kind to our kids.

“But think about the kids who really struggle, they’re the kids in public housing without internet access. They’re the kids who are living in homeless shelters who don’t have remote learning. They’re the kids who have so many problems going back to school because government never invested in them, government never watched out for them.

“As mayor, it’s not just about my kids it’s about all the children in public schools, the kids we’re never gonna know, all the kids we’re never gonna meet, but their parents love them very much. They just don’t make a lot of money. They want what’s best for their children

“The job of our Mayor is to make sure that all of our children get to make it in our city. 

“The hedge funders have a different agenda. They don’t want a city for all. They want a city where the asking price is a $102 million condo. I say there has to be a different vision. 

“When you are funding candidates for mayor who take this money it puts the marker down as to what we’re fighting for and that’s why I am running for Mayor and that’s why I am here today. 

“I want to thank all of you for being with me. We have a few weeks to go. Let’s win this election. We’re coming on and we’re getting ready and we’re going to win this race!

“Thank you.”

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