Unspecified Train Door Problems Put Hundreds Of New Subway Cars Out Of Service

The MTA took 298 of its newest subway cars out of service late Tuesday for a “thorough inspection” due to a problem with the doors on two trains.

The MTA says no one was injured, but the two incidents, which the agency declined to elaborate on, “raised questions about the reliable operation of a door mechanism on their newly-delivered R179 cars,” the MTA wrote in a statement.

“Bombardier sold us lemons. Straphangers need the MTA to manage these contracts from the beginning — before the trains go off the rails,” New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer said Wednesday, after learning all the new Bombardier trains were taken out of service.

Last month, Stringer released an audit of Bombardier and its $600 million contract that included the 298 trains under review.

The comptroller’s audit also found multiple delays and failures of oversight by the MTA.

“Failure to properly oversee the overseas supplier and subcontractor that manufactured truck frame castings, critical structural components under the subway cars that support the cars and hold their wheels, motors, and other mechanical equipment in place,” the Comptroller’s audit noted.

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