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Women leaders and supporters launch ‘Women For Stringer’ in rally highlighting Stringer’s progressive record and expansive women’s agenda

Rally comes day after Planned Parenthood of Greater New York ranks Stringer number two in the Mayor’s race

New York, NY – Women leaders, advocates, elected officials and supporters today launched ‘Women for Stringer’ in a rally highlighting Comptroller and mayoral candidate Scott Stringer’s progressive track record on key women’s issues and his expansive women’s agenda for New York City. 

Women for Stringer praised Stringer’s decades-long track record of empowering and uplifting women – including championing reproductive healthcare, advocating for domestic violence survivors, supporting minority and women-owned businesses, and fighting for economic justice, paid family leave and pay parity. The coalition hailed Stringer’s historic plans to dramatically expand access to child care to infants and toddlers and double the City’s direct funding for abortion care to broaden reproductive health care access to lower-income and underinsured individuals. 

The rally came just a day after Planned Parenthood of Greater New York announced it was ranking Stringer number two in the Mayor’s race.

Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers said: “Scott’s bold, progressive agenda will make history and uplift all women with unprecedented access to reproductive healthcare, quality child care, and stronger public education. His child care plan will have a tremendous impact on women and children, setting children on a path to success early on. Scott has the vision and experience to transform this city so that it’s safer and works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected. I know that as mayor he will be ready on day one to deliver.”

Gloria Middleton, President of Communications Workers of America Local 1180 said: “City Hall needs a proven progressive to lead this city and deliver on their promises. Scott Stringer has never been afraid to use his platform to uplift women. He has stood with CWA Local 1180 in the fight for pay parity for women. He has worked to break down barriers facing women and minority-owned businesses, led the push for the largest investment in child care in the nation, fought alongside advocates to make New York the first city to directly fund abortion care, and has been an advocate for robust paid family leave. His record shows he has the experience, skills, and vision to make this city truly fair and equitable.” 

Andrea Vasquez, First Vice President, Professional Staff Congress/CUNY said: For his entire public service career, Scott Stringer has been a champion for women and families — and I trust him to bring that experience into City Hall and deliver progressive change for New York City. From expanding access to affordable child care to providing free, quality public higher education, Stringer’s plans for New York City will lift up and empower women and foster social and economic justice.”

Megan Chambers, Co-Manager of the Laundry, Distribution and Food Service Union Joint Board said: “His entire career Scott Stringer has been championing policies that have been transformational and uplifting for women. His comprehensive policy plans on child care, reproductive healthcare, economic justice and education will have a profound, life changing impact on women and families. I’m proud to support Scott because I know that he will be ready on day one to deliver for all New Yorkers.”

Former Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messinger said: “As a public servant and as a friend, Scott Stringer has always been a tireless ally and advocate on women’s issues. Among candidates running for Mayor, Scott has the proven track record of standing up for women and families in New York City. The pandemic especially has had a disproportionate impact on women and now more than ever we need effective leadership in City Hall to uplift women and families. I have full confidence that as mayor Scott will continue to lead the way to build a city that is fairer and more equitable.”

Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal said: “Scott has been a vocal advocate for women his entire career. In the State Legislature, he fought for the passage of the Reproductive Health Act and Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act. As comptroller, he led the fight to make pregnancy a qualifying event for health insurance in New York state and defended Title X in the face of GOP attacks. As mayor, he will continue to build upon his work and advance the cause of reproductive rights, starting with his commitment to double city funding for abortion care, regardless of immigration status or income. Scott is the progressive leader who will lift up all New Yorkers and I’m proud to stand by him.”

Assemblymember Rebecca Seawright said: “New York needs a mayor who has been fighting for women’s rights their entire career. Throughout Scott’s years in public service, he has been a consistent advocate for reproductive rights, fought for protection and housing for survivors of domestic violence, pushed for paid family leave, and has worked to make sure women-owned businesses have the economic access and opportunities they need to succeed. His extensive record shows his commitment to expanding opportunities for women, and as mayor he will continue the fight and transform this city so that it works for everyone.” 

Rose Pierre-Louis, Former Commissioner Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence and former Deputy Manhattan Borough President said: “No candidate in this race has done more to protect and support domestic violence survivors than Scott Stringer. From fighting for the passage of the Reproductive Health Act to pushing to expand sexual and reproductive health education in our schools, Scott has always been an advocate for women’s rights. I know that as mayor Scott will build on his legacy of uplifting women’s causes with meaningful policies that make a real difference.”

Michelle Wang, President, Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs and co-chair of Chinese Americans for Stringer said: “Scott Stringer has been a champion for women and families his whole career. His record speaks for itself — from supporting minority and women owned businesses to protecting domestic violence survivors — he has been in the toughest fights for women and families. As mayor he will continue to lead the fight to not only make this city more equitable for women, but more equitable for every single New Yorker.”

Decades of Fighting for Gender Justice

Alone among candidates for mayor, Stringer has an extensive record of fighting for women in New York City — whether for reproductive rights, protections for survivors of domestic violence, or economic justice more broadly. 

In the State Assembly, Stringer led on and passed legislation to:

As Manhattan Borough President, Stringer created the Manhattan Family Justice Center, which offered comprehensive legal and support services for survivors of domestic violence.

As City Comptroller, Stringer:

As a mayoral candidate, Stringer has released an extensive reproductive and family health policy, as well as economic justice platform which includes:

Scott Stringer was born and raised in Washington Heights. He attended P.S. 152 on Nagle Avenue and I.S. 52 on Academy Street. He graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in Marble Hill and John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, a CUNY school.

Stringer was elected City Comptroller in 2013. Prior to serving as Comptroller, he was Manhattan Borough President from 2006 to 2013 and represented the Upper West Side in the New York State Assembly from 1992 to 2005. He and his wife, Elyse Buxbaum, live in Manhattan with their two children, Max and Miles.

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